Cryoskin Tips


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The best candidates for Cryoskin are healthy individuals who are close to their ideal body weight, but still have problem areas that they'd like to target.

As much as we would love to offer a quick and easy solution for your concerns, our magical wand only works as hard as you do. Cryoskin is not the answer to weight loss, it is a weight loss and body contouring tool. The healthier you are while receiving treatments, the better results you will experience. If you eat clean and stay active, you will be amazed at how your body manifests.

Do you have to eat perfectly? No.
Do you have exercise every single day? No.

As long as you consistently make healthy choices, you will greatly benefit from Cryoskin treatments. 

A few of our top tips for maximizing results are super simple:

  • Water, water, water...and more water!
  • Avoid processed foods and sugar. Focus on eating clean as much as possible.
  • Get moving! You do not have to do anything intense to significantly escalate your results. A simple walk, a scenic bike ride, a relaxing yoga sesh or a fun swim in the lake will do the trick. If you don't like traditional exercise, look to your hobbies for creative ideas on how to get your body moving. Horseback riding, dancing, skiing, boarding, or simply jumping on a trampoline with your kiddos are all incredible active options that will stimulate your lymphatic system and promote a healthy lifestyle. 

You are investing in your body, make the most of it and amplify your results by focusing on wellness. Let's thrive!